Toronto Councillors Push for Ban on Shark Fins

Three Toronto councillors have proposed a ban on the sale of shark fin soup within the city. While local businesses say that a ban in one locality is unfair and will be ineffective, the councillors hope that the rest of the country will follow.

a snapshot of the video on the CTV page

The proposal follows a similar ban in Brantford, Ontario. If you are in Toronto, you can support the councillors’ efforts by signing the petition which has been co-organized by Rob Stewart, director of the award-winning movie Sharkwater and representatives of WildAid.

The following points in the CBC article from shark fin soup vendors show another side to this debate: Read the rest of this entry »

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A Storybook for Children about Nicole the Great White Shark

Nicole the Great White Shark story book by Save Our SharksA wonderful book sponsored by the Save Our Seas Foundation, “Nicole in – The Surf is My Turf” shows children the beauty of Great White Sharks and dispels harmful stereotypes about Great White Sharks. It sounds like the last part might be hard to get across to a kid without scaring them a little (speaking from my role as a Dad) but this book looks great and I am looking forward to getting it for my boy.

Does anyone out there already have it? I would love to get your perspective in the comments!

At any rate, here is some of the official information on the book sourced from Save Our Sharks (thanks guys!): Read the rest of this entry »

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