My Fight for the Sharks Begins

A finless Hammerhead shark is left to die in the ocean - photo by Jeff RotmanThis is my first post on and I am very excited to start making a real difference by getting the word out and educating the public about the atrocities of shark finning and the repercussions it has on our oceans.

My name is Ross Dunn and ever since I watched the movie Sharkwater I have been driven to help stop shark finning and restore the shark populations of the world which are sadly down an estimated 90%.

How Will This Site Help the Sharks?

I plan on posting anything and everything I can about shark finning in the news. With luck I can use this site to sour the taste buds of any lovers of shark fin soup and create more avid shark protectors.

For more information please visit the “About Anti-Shark Finning” page on this site where I have provided stats and even video describing the situation.

If you would like to help the sharks please donate to Save the Blue and help get the movie Sharkwater to China so that it can help educate the country with one of the highest consumption levels of shark fin soup.