A Storybook for Children about Nicole the Great White Shark

Nicole the Great White Shark story book by Save Our SharksA wonderful book sponsored by the Save Our Seas Foundation, “Nicole in – The Surf is My Turf” shows children the beauty of Great White Sharks and dispels harmful stereotypes about Great White Sharks. It sounds like the last part might be hard to get across to a kid without scaring them a little (speaking from my role as a Dad) but this book looks great and I am looking forward to getting it for my boy.

Does anyone out there already have it? I would love to get your perspective in the comments!

At any rate, here is some of the official information on the book sourced from Save Our Sharks (thanks guys!): Read the rest of this entry »

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Have Fun Saving Sharks with Your Children

As a father I am very excited about exploring the world through my young son’s eyes. At just one-years-old my boy Zander is a curious little guy with non-stop energy and I think he will be very passionate about protecting the ocean once he learns more about it from his Daddy. Really, I am expecting there is nothing better than educating a child about the importance of nature. The best part is I have an idea on how we can all have fun educating our kids with a dose of baking 🙂

A while back Oceana launched an Adopt a Creature fundraiser where anyone can adopt one of the assorted creatures they have listed for a modest donation. There are a small variety of creatures available but in this case, of course, I will choose to adopt a shark.

A picture of the Oceana.org adopt a shark gift packageThe Shark Adoption comes in two formats, the basic donation at $35 and the Shark Gift Pack for $75. In each case you will get a cool shark-shaped cookie-cutter that you and your little ones can use to make some cookies. Better yet, both gifts include a certificate of your adoption of a shark; which I would have loved as a kid! Read the rest of this entry »

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Actress January Jones Helps Save Sharks

A photo of a shark peacefully swimming near two divers. - This was found at Oceana.org and links to the originating page.The actress January Jones from the hit tv-series “Mad Men” has stepped up to appear in a number of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) titled Scared for Sharks.” According to my source article the PSAs will start June 8th and continue through the summer in online, tv and radio features.

“I am so ecstatic to be a face for Oceana’s shark campaign and help make a difference for these magnificent creatures,” said Jones. “After interacting with sharks at such close proximity, I believe now, more than ever, that they carry a stigma with them that is so unnecessary.”

Second to the fact that this PSA should make significant strides bringing attention to the plight of sharks, I love that the PSAs are partly based on the fact that sharks are simply uninterested in humans – a real change in thought for most of us. Here is one of the PSAs with January Jones: Read the rest of this entry »

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