Have Fun Saving Sharks with Your Children

As a father I am very excited about exploring the world through my young son’s eyes. At just one-years-old my boy Zander is a curious little guy with non-stop energy and I think he will be very passionate about protecting the ocean once he learns more about it from his Daddy. Really, I am expecting there is nothing better than educating a child about the importance of nature. The best part is I have an idea on how we can all have fun educating our kids with a dose of baking 🙂

A while back Oceana launched an Adopt a Creature fundraiser where anyone can adopt one of the assorted creatures they have listed for a modest donation. There are a small variety of creatures available but in this case, of course, I will choose to adopt a shark.

A picture of the Oceana.org adopt a shark gift packageThe Shark Adoption comes in two formats, the basic donation at $35 and the Shark Gift Pack for $75. In each case you will get a cool shark-shaped cookie-cutter that you and your little ones can use to make some cookies. Better yet, both gifts include a certificate of your adoption of a shark; which I would have loved as a kid! Read the rest of this entry »

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